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Learning how to ride a bike in a safe and correct way in normal traffic conditions in a city such as Medellin requires theoretical and practical training to reduce foreseeable risks.
The classes are put into practice from the basics up to confidently coping with the traffic in a roundabout, on a bridge, or on an avenue.
With theoretical and practical processes based on urban mobility by bike, the accompaniment of qualified facilitators, and teaching materials, students will be able to ride on city streets being aware, following traffic rules, and valuing and respecting other actors on the road. It is your chance to enjoy the happiness of riding a bike!


What is included?


Urban Bike


Accident Insurance

The program consists of 3 levels

This theoretical and practical course is aimed at people who cannot ride a bike. This level is essential to learn how to ride the bicycle in a safe way in urban environments.
For those who know how to ride a bike but do not use it as a means of transportation, once they have acquired the basic knowledge and skills.
For those looking to improve their skills in the city, trained and advanced cyclists who need experience to achieve the highest possible level of expertise.


Thanks for the patience, commitment and love when performing this work! We are about to buy a bike and are really eager to be able to enjoy it. Looking forward to the second level to practice.
Jolie Argut
How nice! It is never too late to learn to do something so pleasurable. I want to practice more and become an expert so I can join SiCLeadas.
Laura Herrera
The best! Thank you so much! I really enjoyed it and realized that it is never too late to learn something in life.
Olga Arango

Español (Spanish)